Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 In New York City, this cage would be considered a studio apartment, it is so large. Standing almost 9ft. tall, this has to be one of the biggest pieces of furniture that I have ever owned.
It was custom built by a friend of mine who is a furniture maker by trade. He had a large African parrot and built this beautiful house for him. He no longer has the bird and has moved to a smaller house and did not need it.
As luck would have it, I had some building materials that he needed for more custom work, so a trade was born.
 He placed a retail value of $1800 on it, and to my thinking, that was a little low. However, I am in the business of buying and selling, so I will take his word for it. 
While I am on the subject, if you would like this house for your parrot or small birds(just screen the insides) or even reptiles, contact me. I will sell it for far less than the appraised value, as I do not own birds and someone needs to enjoy this. As always, if you send your friend to me and they make the purchase, you get a commission, how fair is that?

My son, Joe, is standing beside the house and at 6ft. looks rather small in comparison. I have decided that if I do not sell it, it would look good in my house as modern art, since I have the high ceilings that it requires.

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