Thursday, July 3, 2014


I wouldn't be Me if I didn't include something political
 The backing for this piece are pieces of tongue and groove paneling from an old, old house torn down locally. While assembling and trying a new painting technique, I knew the pieces that I wanted to put on it. I found the hot rod and Route 66 sign several months ago and had been waiting for just the right board to come along. Those of my generation will have memories of these hot rods and Route 66.---$125.00
GIT IN THAT KITCHEN AND RATTLE THOSE POTS AND PANS! Those lyrics from an early rock 'n roll song just popped out at me when I found these old salesman samples used by traveling salesmen during the horse and buggy era. These happen to be Griswold brand.---$75.00
Remember the old porcelain faucets knobs of your grandparents era? I thought this would make the coolest bathroom rack around. You will be the only kid on the block with this one. The knobs are hard to find making this one more pricey than I would have liked.-----$75.00

What cowboy can resist HAT AND HORNS coat rack. A beautiful resin applique, 4 large, sturdy hooks, all on a piece of 175 year old barn wood makes this the complete package.---$65.00