Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Here are two dairy milk cans with tractor seats attached. I say tractor seats, but actually the seats pre-date tractors and came from horse drawn farm equipment. The milk cans are also very rare, as they have not been used commercially for many years.
This is a vintage milk can with a 1950's metal cocktail table top attached. The two seats are reproductions made of cast iron.
The metal chair is from the late 30's. We paint on almost anything!
These are the sides to a vintage metal porch glider. The customer said that he was from a "House Divided" and could not decide on Alabama or Georgia, so we came up with this solution.
This is a picture of the glider when we finished. The customer was speechless. We did a great job, if I do say so myself.
A look at a selection of vintage chairs that Janet painted.
For some reason the computer reprinted this picture, so enjoy it a second time.
A Christmas gift for some deer friends, even though it's the wrong team.
My son, Clay had admired the two Russell Wright chairs above. Since his birthday and his wife, Tonya's birthday are close together, and they are Auburn fans, this is the results.
Since there are so many teams that use a bulldog, we paint a generic dog that seems to please our customers, as we sell all that we paint.
Janet said that the Gamecock was the most detailed logo so far.
A customer order for a repeat customer.
The customer had asked Janet to paint a mountain scene of her choice. This is what Janet found on the internet.
We have to use the milk cans that we find, dents or whatever. When Janet was about to paint the Falcons on this can, she commented on just one handle. I told her it was perfect for the Falcons, because they get beat up a lot and often look ragtag at the end of the season.
Last year I had a show just 3 blocks from FSU. Those fans love their Seminoles!
The quality of my picture taking leaves much to be desired. Although the photos are off color, the actual pieces are dead-on in color.
A 1930's lawn chair honoring LSU.
The customer that ordered the two LSU pieces was well pleased with Janet's work.
I restored and painted this chair and gave it to her the first time we met, "just to seal the deal." It sits on our front porch to welcome all of guests.

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  1. Do the tractor seats swivel? And how are they attached?