Thursday, March 7, 2013


 This life preserver mirror measures 24 inches in diameter and sets sail for $149.
 These very functional trays measure about 20"x14" and are just $45 each.
 Here are some color varieties for you to see.
 I just love sea turtles! this one is a blue distressed version 20"x17" for$49.
 Anchors aweigh! 20"x19" $49 and available in several different colors.
 The pineapple is a sign of good luck. Could be attached to front of your cottage with house number? 24"x11" $39.
 Shark attack--of the good kind.28"x14" $59. Painted on both sides to swim either left or right.
 Who does not love seahorses? Measuring 28"x14", they are just $60 EACH!
 The Hammerhead Shark is truly and unusual looking sea creature. This one is 32"x20" and will swim on your wall for just $79.
 You will have a "whale of a time" with this 46"x19" beauty for just $99.
This guy will get all stuck on you for $89. 34"x24"

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