Thursday, March 7, 2013


 The two chairs above are Russel Wright chairs. My youngest son and his wife are Auburn fans, and since Clay loved these chairs, I custom painted them for him and Tonya as Birthday presents. I am sure I brought the value down on the chairs when I painted them, but they loved them, so that makes them priceless!
 These are old tractor seats on iron bases, with a vintage milk can serving as a table. Just right for the annual Georgia/Florida Cocktail Party!
 Big Al and UGA sitting in the driveway waiting for their new owner to pick them up. They now live happily in Gainesville, Ga.
 Al and UGA at Chastain Park, Atlanta, moments before their departure.
 This was a custom order for a die hard fan. I am pleased to say that he was very happy with the work that we did for him.
 Janet did this one for someone who is a fan of the Game Cocks. This was a very hard piece, due to the detail work of the artwork.
 When I can find the antique tractor seat and milk can, I will make an "Aubie", just to have ready. I know as soon as I take it to a show, it will go home with a new owner. Most of the time they will order at least 1 more.
 This is my version of the famous bulldog.
 This was another part of the custom order that went to Gainesville, Georgia. It was 2 weeks before Christmas, and Boy!, did we ever have a good Christmas that year!
 The cabin scene was a custom order and the Falcons was just because we are Falcons fans.
I had a show at the Tallahassee Fair Grounds, which is just a few blocks from FSU. Those folks are Seminole Crazy down there!

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